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Donations and Fundraising Policies

Donations support  The North-South Institute (NSI) in two key ways:

1. General Support to maintain the operations of the Institute, including the costs of developing new projects and representing the views of the Institute.

2. Support for Research Programs in the three areas of:

  • Governance for equitable growth
  • Fragile and conflict-affected states
  • Governance of natural resources

Donations policy

NSI is a registered charity. It accepts funds and in-kind donations from government bodies, foundations, academic institutions, not-for-profit organizations, corporations and individuals. These contributions are accepted with the understanding that the donor gives them freely without expectation of receiving benefits in return, and that the donation does not compromise the Institute’s independence in the way it undertakes research, the conclusions it reaches, the policy recommendations it makes or the way it disseminates the results of its activities.

Fundraising policy

NSI adheres to professional codes of conduct with respect to donors’ rights, fundraising practices, and financial accountability. Copies of our most recent annual report and financial statement and a list of current members of the NSI Board of Directors are available on this site. The Institute does not sell donor information to marketers. However we plan to occasionally exchange contact information with other like-minded organizations. This is the most effective and least costly way to reach new people who are possibly interested in knowing about and supporting our work. To ensure the security of personal and financial information collected via the internet, we use SSL encryption. All information is sent via a secure server directly to the Institute, with no third party intervention, and is treated as confidential.

For additional information on The North-South Institute’s donations and fundraising policies, please call us at 613-241-3535 or email questions to