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Carleton University Assists in Revival of North-South Institute

Carleton University Assists in Revival of North-South Institute

The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs to provide support for Canada’s best-known development think-tank

Carleton University announced today it is supporting the renewal of the North-South Institute (NSI), a premier development research centre recently rated the best small think-tank in the world.

Last September, funding cuts forced NSI to begin winding up operations, but its Board of Directors have now approved a plan to renew its work through a collaboration with Carleton University. The agreement will allow NSI to continue as an independent policy research think-tank examining some of the world’s most pressing international development challenges. At the same time, it will enrich the academic experience of students at Carleton’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) and those from other universities.

“We are pleased to provide support for NSI to allow it to continue its mission of ‘research for a fairer world’ “said NPSIA Director Dane Rowlands. “NPSIA and NSI share the common objective of helping Canadians to understand the challenges of international development through evidence-based, policy-relevant research.

“Our goal is to provide a Canadian perspective on international development, to help analyze the economic, social and political implications of global change for developing countries, and to propose and promote informed policy options for global development and for improving the living standards of the least fortunate.’’

An executive director, independent board of directors and an advisory council comprised of senior Canadian and international development scholars and policy leaders will oversee the institute. A research committee will also be appointed.

While some core project work will continue, NSI will take this opportunity to reflect critically on its future activities, and to consult with the wider development community about how it can best fulfill its mission. The intention is to reinvigorate NSI’s role as a hub for rigorous research and debate on key development policy questions, and to ensure that this work is communicated effectively to policy-makers and leaders inside and outside government, in Canada and abroad.

NPSIA, Canada’s leading international affairs school for nearly 50 years, already houses research centres on global security and economic issues and had been considering adding a centre on development for some time to support its third broad area of teaching and research.

“Carleton is the ideal location for the North-South Institute,’’ said Andre Plourde, Dean of the Faculty of Public Affairs. “We have the expertise and the know-how to ensure that we are productive, innovative custodians of this valuable institution.’’