The North-South Institute



Development financing, Multilateral Debt Relief Initiatives (MDRI) and post-MDRI debt sustainability (Invitation)

Nov 9 2006

Few people are as qualified to speak about development financing as Matthew Martin.

Formerly with the World Bank, Overseas Development Institute and Oxford
University, Mr Martin has been advising developing countries, international
organizations and donors on development financing and debt issues since 1991. He
currently handles design and liaison with developing country policy-makers, donors,
and regional and international partner organizations.

Matthew Martin is the author of several publications on various aspects of development
financing. In 2004, he co-authored a chapter entitled Private Capital Flows to Low
Income Countries: Perception and Reality in The North-South Institute’s Canadian
Development Report 2004 — INVE$TING in poor countries: Who Benefits?
A discussion period will follow the presentation.

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