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NSI Ottawa Forum: Governing Natural Resources for Africa’s Development

May 9 2013

Africa’s leaders increasingly recognize that the manner in which the continent’s resources are overseen and exploited is fundamental to their ability to enhance both state and human security; to contribute to sustainable development; as well as to their achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals. Given the importance of natural resources as an engine of economic growth, both the positive and negative effects of resource exploitation have significant impact on political stability and social cohesion.

On May 9th and 10th, The North-South Institute  held an international forum on Governing Natural Resources for Africa’s Development. The NSI Ottawa Forum distilled from the growing body of knowledge and experience associated with natural resource extraction, policies and practices that can best produce positive outcomes for all key stakeholders – local communities, extractive sector investors, civil society groups, international organizations, multilateral donor agencies and host governments.

Participants at the Forum included senior Canadian and African policymakers and government officials, extractive industry executives, global and African civil society groups, multilateral institutions, donor agencies, diplomats, think-tanks and academics.   

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For information on the event, including presentations and photos, please click here.

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