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Think tank expert gives talk on boosting profile of policy research

Sep 14 2011

NSI hosted Enrique Mendizabal, of the Overseas Development Institute and an independent researcher and advisor on think tanks and policy research networks. Mr. Mendizabal presented his work on Learning about Think Tanks to NSI staff and interns. He offered suggestions on how think tanks can improve the visibility and impact of their research.

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NSI President addresses UN Human Rights Council

Sep 4 2011

NSI President Joseph Ingram addressed the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on “The way forward in the realization of the right to development: between policy and practice.” His remarks included a discussion of NSI’s decade of research in natural resource decision-making in the Americas. The September 14, 2011 event, attended by about 800 member…

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Former head of Canadian aid in Afghanistan speaks at NSI event

Jul 20 2011

NSI hosted Heather Curden, the former Head of Aid and the Minister Counsellor responsible for Development at the Canadian Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Ms. Curden discussed certain of her experiences and views on Governance and Security in Afghanistan. She spoke to a group of 30 participants including representatives from the diplomatic milieu, some local think…

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NSI Ottawa Forum: Multilateral Development Cooperation in a Changing Global Order

Jun 20 2011

The North-South Institute (NSI) held a high level Forum in Ottawa in 2011 titled Multilateral Development Cooperation in a Changing Global Order which critically examined the effectiveness of international development assistance channeled to and through multilateral organizations. The June 20-21 event brought together more than 220 participants including 40 experts from Canada and around the world. The…

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NSI organizes two-day Ottawa conference on development cooperation

Jun 20 2011

NSI held a two-day conference in Ottawa titled The Future of Multilateral Development Cooperation in a changing Global Order. The event brought together more than 220 participants, including 40 experts from Canada and around the world. The conference sought to determine, among other objectives, how key multilateral development actors – such as the United Nations and…

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Tanzanian professor gives talk on gender mainstreaming at NSI function

Jun 9 2011

NSI hosted Dr. Rose Shayo of the University of Dar es Salaam and a Visiting Scholar at Carleton University’s Institute of African Studies. She spoke on Gender Mainstreaming in Higher Education in Africa: Is it making a difference? Ms. Shayo also reviewed the successes and the problems encountered in gender mainstreaming and whether gender equality,…

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Uri Dadush shares views on emerging markets at NSI-CIDA event

May 20 2011

The third event of the NSI-CIDA Speaker Series featured Dr. Uri Dadush, of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, where he is the Senior Associate and Director of the International Economics Program. His presentation was based on the findings of his book, Juggernaut: How the Rise of Emerging Markets is Reshaping the Global Economy, co-authored…

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NSI hosts high-level discussion with Chinese development think tank

May 6 2011

NSI hosted a roundtable discussion with Ambassador Wu Jianmin, Vice Chairman of the China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy. The high-level discussion was held with heads of key research institutes in Ottawa. The purpose of the event was to brainstorm on the role of think tanks in Canada’s policy-making process, and the links between…

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Surinamese researcher gives talk on bilingual indigenous education

Apr 28 2011

NSI hosted Dr. Ellen-Rose Kambel, who presented her research on Bilingual Indigenous Education in the Amazon: Starting from Scratch in Suriname. Dr Kambel, an indigenous rights lawyer from Suriname, spoke about the challenges of introducing indigenous bilingual education from the bottom up. This event was attended by a number of academics and some representatives of…

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Head of African research foundation speaks at NSI-CIDA

Apr 8 2011

NSI, in collaboration with CIDA, welcomed Dr. Teguest Guerma, Director General of the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) to Ottawa for the second installment of the NSI-CIDA Speaker Series. Dr. Guerma’s talk, entitled Improving the Health of Mothers and Children Across Africa: Effective Strategies for Lasting Change, focused on how Canadian social investment decisions…

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