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Regional Cooperation and Integration in Asia: Progress, Risks and Prospects

November 1, 2012

NSI, in partnership with The Asian Development Bank, hosted a discussion on “Regional Cooperation and Integration in Asia: Progress, Risks and Prospects” presented by Mr. Iwan J. Azis, Head of the ADB’s Office of Regional Economic Integration (OREI).

Mr. Azis’s presentation was followed by two expert discussants, Mr. Jeff Nankivell, Regional Director General for Asia, CIDA and Dr. Gordon Betcherman, Professor at the School of International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa.

Mr. Aziz, along with three ADB colleagues discussed Asian economic integration with a group of experts from government, NGOs, and academics, noting that two-speed growth in the global economy is due in part to regional cooperation and integration in Asia. Unlike the EU, Asian integration is market driven with trade, physical, financial and institutional integration progressing at different speeds.  As Canada heightens its trade and foreign policy orientation towards Asia, an understanding of the web of intra-regional relationships and their prospects is essential to design appropriate approaches to the continent.

How prepared is Asia to manage these processes? How will Asian outcomes affect the relationship with North America and other parts of the world?

For more, please see the ADB’s latest publication “Asian Economic Integration Monitor 2012” .