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Estrategias y Mecanismos de Protección de Pueblos Indígenas Frente a Proyectos Mineros y Energéticos: La experiencia del Resguardo Indígena Cañamomo Lomaprieta

(uniquement disponible en anglais)

This book (available in Spanish only) provides an overview of the issues at the crossroads of mining and ethnic rights affecting The Resuardo Indígena Cañamomo Lomaprieta, an Indigenous Reserve comprising 32 Embera Chami communities in Caldas, Colombia. The book contains a summary of the ancestral mining history of the Resguardo, community environmental and social impact assessment of their own mining, community rules and regulations concerning managing ancestral mining and protocols on free, prior and informed consent. It is an example for other communities in terms of organizational strengthening and community based research to defend ancestral territories in the face of increased pressure and interest from mining companies in developing resources found in ancestral homelands.

Authors: Federico Herrera and Andrés Felipe Garcia

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