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Study Tour CATRTA-CIDA Project – Day 1

avr 8 2013


(uniquement disponible en anglais)

By invitation only.

Round-Table on Gender and Trade Policy in CIDA’s Experience


Soraya Hassanali, Senior Gender Equality Specialist, Policy and Strategic Planning Division, Multilateral and Global Partnerships Branch

Lucie Bazinet, Team Leader, Gender Equality Thematic and Sector Specialists’ Division, Geographic Programs Branch

Marc Banzet, Team Leader, Economic Growth, Governance and Economic Growth Division, Thematic and Sectoral Policy Directorate, Strategic Policy and Performance Branch

Jeanne Richardson, Senior Analyst, Bretton Woods Unit, International Financial Institutions Division, Multilateral Development Institutions Directorate, Multilateral and Global Programs Branch

Moderator: Paola Ortiz Loaiza, Project Coordinator, The North-South Institute


Round Table: Making Women Visible. The importance of Data and Gender Variables

Speakers :

Linda Henderson, Policy and External Relations Directorate, Status of Women Canada

Annette Ryan, Chief Economist and Director General, Economic Research and Policy Analysis Branch, Industry Canada

Moderator: Kate Higgins, NSI