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Advancing a Qatari Perspective and Economic Diversification

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CaptureThe literature available in the public domain claims that Qatar has a potential to strengthen its economy by diversifying from oil and gas; however, the literature does not sufficiently examine how diversification of foreign investment could help strengthen the country’s economic base. This project will help analyze Qatar’s effort to gradually move away from such an energy-investment-dependency and its possible applicability or implication of such strategies for African countries. It will use a global political economy matrix to propose potential strategies for Qatar as it begins to look for Africa as an alternative market destination in terms of trade and investments. In doing so, this project will scrutinize where Qatari investment can best be effective on the African continent given its competitive advantage and acquired expertise in the areas of natural gas, oil exploration and drilling and how African governments can attract such investment that meet environmental standards and the expectations of local communities, civil society and the private sector.

Want to know more about this project? Listen to Hany Besada and Evren Tok’s interview on Qatar Foundation Radio.



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