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Think Tank Offers New Tool for Canadian Aid Analysis

February 20, 2012



There’s a new tool available for organizations, policymakers and researchers interested in in-depth information about Canada’s global development engagement.

The Canadian International Development Platform is an online tool that maps Canada’s engagement with developing countries, including on aid, investment, trade and migration. It was developed by the Canada-based think tank North-South Institute. A key goal of CIDP is to synthesize data about Canadian engagement with developing countries and present them in highly interactive dashboards. The visualized data show how information can be used for particular, practical situations, Aniket Bhushan of the North-South Institute explains in The Mark.

The tool, according to Bhushan, can be used to determine which organizations receive Canadian aid in a partner country. It can also compare the amount of aid and trade Canada provides in a particular recipient state, among other things.  Aid transparency advocates and donors themselves are increasingly developing open data tools like CIDP. TheCanadian International Development Agency recently launched its own data portal while the United States has its online Foreign Assistance Dashboard, among other platforms. There is also the International Aid Transparency Initiative Registry used by various donor countries and organizations.