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Social Cohesion & Community Based Protection

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Social Cohesion & Community Based Protection

Publié le 4 septembre 2014

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How do groups at the community level protect women, youth, and children while promoting social cohesion, resilience and general human security? Do informal or formal groups influence communities differently? What group characteristics, functions, processes, and mechanisms actively support or erode social cohesion in conflict and post-conflict settings? These critical questions, among others, are being explored in a two-year collaborative action research on the role of community-based groups in building social cohesion to enhance protection and educational outcomes for women, youth and children in Chad and Burundi. For more information, click on the policy briefs linked below.

Authors: Hany Besada, Wendy Wheaton, Ben O’Bright and Evren Tok

Burundi Policy Brief
Chad Policy Brief