The North-South Institute


Freedom Through Association: Female Staff Associations and Gender-Sensitive Police Reform in West Africa

Do women’s police associations in fragile situations help or hinder the police reform process? NSI’s gender and police reform work examines how integrating women into reform processes can make security institutions more representative, more democratic and more effective.

Earlier NSI research on women and policing suggests that female police staff associations have the potential to be important agents of positive change in the security sector. This new research investigates whether women’s staff associations support gender-sensitive police reform. The project focuses on police staff associations in Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone.


Policy Brief: Freedom through Association: Realizing the Potential of West Africa’s Female Police Staff Associations, by Jenny Becker and Jennifer Erin Salahub (NSI), April 2012.

Report: Freedom through Association: Assessing the Contribution of Female Police Staff Associations to Gender-Sensitive Police Reform in West Africa by Jenny Becker, with Caroline Bowah Brown, Aisha Fofana Ibrahim and Akosua Kuranchie, April 2012.

Workshop Report: Organising for Change: Female Staff Associations and the Security Sector by Anike Doherty and Aiko Holvikivi (DCAF) and Jennifer Erin Salahub (NSI), September 2012.

Follow-Up Evaluation of Workshop “Organising for Change: Female Staff Associations and the Security Sector” by DCAF, December 2013.