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Gender and Trade in the Americas: A Trilateral Capacity Building Project

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From June 2012 to July 2013, The North-South Institute (NSI) managed an innovative project to improve policies and practices that support women business owners in international trade in Peru and Colombia.  This project was the first under the Canada-Americas Trade-related Technical Assistance (CATRTA) Fund to focus solely on gender equality in the Americas region. In Colombia, NSI partnered with the high level Alta Consejeria para la Equidad de la Mujer (ACPEM) and in Peru, NSI partnered with the Ministry of Trade and Tourism; the project also involved business associations, export firms, civil society groups and individual female business owners.
Key project outputs include:

  • Policy papers on gender perspectives on trade policy, best practices and monitoring from a gender perspective.
  • Expert trainings and presentations on gender issues in international trade policy and the implementation of FTAs.
  • A study tour to Canada for Peruvian and Colombian export businesses, connecting them to the experiences of Canadian officials, businesswomen and NGOs on barriers to women in trade.


Report: Gender and Free Trade Agreements: Best Practices and Policy Guidance, by Kate Higgins, March 2013.

Report: Free Trade Agreements in Peru and Colombia: Monitoring Impacts from a Gender Perspective, by Barbara MacLaren, March 2013.

Report: Oportunidades de los Acuerdos de Libre Comercio de Canadá con Colombia y Perú y sus dimensiones, by Pablo Heidrich, Janina León and Javier Pineda, December 2012.

Policy Brief: Gender and Free Trade Agreements: Practical Policy Guidance, by Kate Higgins and Diana Kolaric, March 2013.

Policy Brief: Free Trade Agreements : Monitoring Gender Impacts, by Barabara MacLaren and Diana Kolaric, March 2013.

Policy Brief: Canada’s Free Trade Agreements with Peru and Colombia and Gender-Related Dimensions, by Pablo Heidrich, October 2013.

Policy Brief: How to Integrate Gender Perspectives into Export Promotion and International Trade Policies, by Pablo Heidrich and Paola Ortiz Loaiza, October 2013.

Study Tour: Integrating Gender in Trade Policy in Peru and Colombia, by Nathan Bowers-Krishnan, September 2013.


Pablo Heidrich, Paola Ortiz and Barbara MacLaren managed the project at NSI, with technical support from The Inter-American Development Bank’s Integration and Trade Division. We also had a number of researchers contribute to the project, including: Heather Gibb (NSI Distinguished Research Associate), Alma Espino (CIEDUR Uruguay),  Alejandra Eguiluz Zamora (IDB), Maria Inés Vásquez (IDB), Janina León (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú) and Javier Pineda (Universidad de los Andes).


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