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Governance of Natural Resources

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The governance of natural resources is emerging as one of the defining challenges for 21st century development policy.

NSI’s Governance of Natural Resources (GNR) program builds on more than a decade of research by NSI researchers on the mining sector in the Americas, natural resource management, and the application of the right to free, prior  and informed consent for projects affecting ancestral territories.

The GNR program has two areas of focus. One aims to address existing gaps in policy frameworks and institutional settings of natural resource governance in Africa by promoting cooperative solutions for efficient management and appropriately shared socio-economic benefits between local, national, and external stakeholders, including host communities  and the private sector.

Another is to measure the direct economic impacts of foreign-owned large-scale mining investments in Latin America  in terms of employment, tax contributions and the establishment of local business linkages. This strand of work focuses on evaluating Canadian mining companies and the jurisdictions where they operate.



Latin America:
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