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Governance of Natural Resources

The Role and Impact of Emerging Powers in Africa

This project combines quantitative and qualitative research, using both primary and secondary data sources, to explore the role of emerging economies in Africa’s natural resource governance. By using comparisons between the activities of the BRICS countries in various African states, the analysis will seek to extrapolate the general trends and relationships that characterize this issue. Statistical data are gathered via literature reviews and primary data collection in the field, including consultations with local experts, government officials, and private sector representatives. The research also includes data on emerging economies’ investments in specific resource sectors. Analysis of corporate social responsibility measures is complemented by qualitative analysis, drawing on both the existing literature and researchers’ experiences while working in a region, consultations with stakeholders, and interviews.


Journal Article: Assessing China’s Relations with Africa, by Hany Besada, in Africa Development, Vol 38, October 2013.

Journal Article: South Africa in the BRICS : Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects, by Hany Besada, Evren Tok and Kristen Winters, in Africa Insight by the Africa Institute of International Affairs Vol 42, Issue 4, Pgs 1-5, March 2013.

Book Chapter: The Land Crisis in Southern Africa: Challenges on Good Governance, by Hany Besada and Ariane Goetz, in Southern African Development Community Land Issues Vol 1, Edited by Ben Chigara, April 2013.

Report: Transforming Land-Related Conflict: Policy, Practice and Possibilities, by Stephen Baranyi and Viviane Weitzner, May 2006.


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Senior Researcher