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Governance of Natural Resources

Extractives and Indigenous Rights in Guyana

In Guyana, we documented and assessed alternative livelihoods to the types of small- and medium-scale mining undertaken by Indigenous communities and others in Guyana’s interior. We also supported communities affected by mining and climate change mitigation schemes, with capacity strengthening workshops and the production of a series of practical guides on Indigenous rights and FPIC, participation in environmental and social impact assessments and negotiating benefits. Our partners were the Amerindian Peoples Association and the Forest Peoples Programme, United Kingdom.


Pracitical Guide: Negotiating Impact and Benefit Agreements, by Dr. Ginger Gibson and Meaghen Simms, January 2011.

Pracitical Guide: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, by Annetta Markussen-Brown and Meaghen Simms, January 2011.

Practical Guide: Free, Prior and Informed Consent, by Meaghen Simms and Marcus Colchester, January 2011.

Report: Our land, Our Future. Promoting Indigenous Participation and Rights in Mining, Climate Change and other Natural Resource decision-making in Guyana, by Marcus Colchester and Jean La Rose, May 2011.

Alternative Livelihoods Study: Indigenous Peoples and Sustainable Livelihoods in Guyana: An overview of experiences and potential opportunities, by Tom Griffiths and Lawrence Anselmo, June 2010.

Policy Brief: Cutting-Edge Policies on Indigenous Peoples and Mining: Key Lessons for the World Summit and Beyond, by Viviane Weitzner, August 2002.


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