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Governance of Natural Resources

Going Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility

In this project, research on targeted African countries involves collecting primary and secondary data pertaining to the implementation of free, prior, and informed consent (FPIC) policies. Quantitative data is gathered via literature reviews, while qualitative primary data is collected in the field through consultations with local experts, government officials, and community, donor and development agency, and extractive industry representatives. Research outputs include analysis of empirical data on the implementation and outcomes of FPIC policies in African countries and qualitative analysis drawing on existing literature, researchers’ experiences working in the field, and interviews and surveys. EIAs are incorporated to help evaluate the environmental, social, and economic aspects of FPIC policies.


Report: Mining Codes in Africa: Emergence of a “Fourth” Generation? by Hany Besada and Philip Martin, March 2013.

Journal Article: Mining Codes in Africa : Opportunities, Challenges and Canada’s Position, by Hany Besada and Philip Martin, in Canada Among Nations 2013 – Canada-African Relations: Looking Back, Looking Ahead, Waterloo, ON: CIGI, 2013.

Journal Article: CSR in Natural Resources: rhetoric and reality, by Graeme Esau and Megan Malone, in the Journal of Global Responsibility, Vol. 4 Iss: 2, pp.168 – 187, 2013.


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Hany Besada
Senior Researcher