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Governance of Natural Resources

The Private Sector and Economic Growth

As with the emerging powers project, this project integrates quantitative and qualitative information to construct political economic assessments of the role of foreign investors in Africa’s natural resource sector, given its current governance regimes. Comparisons among the economic impacts of extractive industries in three types of states—stable, conflict/fragile, and post-conflict—are drawn. The research collects data pertaining to foreign direct investment in specific resource sectors, their contributions to national tax incomes, job creation and local business generation, as well as statistical information about mineral beneficiation policies in targeted countries of interest. Field research activities allow for the testing and evaluation of preliminary arguments, collection of available literature produced by scholars and research organizations in a region, and identification of contributors to regional workshops.


Report: Chad, the Challenge of Development: Policy Implications of the Chad-Cameroon Petroleum Project, by Jacques Gérin and Céline Houdi, December 2010.

Report: Doing Business in Fragile States: The Private Sector, Natural Resources and Conflict, by Hany Besada (NSI), May 2013.

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Hany Besada
Senior Researcher