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Post-2015 Development Agenda

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In the year 2000, world leaders adopted the Millennium Declaration. A commitment to a peaceful, prosperous, and just world, the declaration included a set of targets for development and poverty reduction to be reached by 2015. These came to be known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

As the 2015 end date approaches, the world asks what will replace the MDGs?

The post-2015 framework presents a major opportunity to catalyze real action on priorities that are critical for eradicating extreme poverty and supporting sustainable growth and prosperity. As the world continues to monitor the post-2015 development agenda, so will NSI.

NSI is actively engaging on the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Alongside our projects, publications and commentary, NSI’s Post-2015 Tracking Tool, an interactive aggregator of proposals on the post-2015 development agenda,  is a unique resource for tracking the goals, targets and indicators that are being proposed to replace the MDGs and support and monitor development progress beyond 2015.


Report: Measuring Progress Post-2015: An Assessment of Proposals, by Kate Higgins, Rebekka Bond and Shannon Kindornay (NSI), February 2014.

New Project: Post-2015 Data Test: Unpacking the Data Revolution at the Country Level,  led by The North-South Institute and Centre for Policy Dialogue, in association with the Southern Voice on Post-MDG International Development Goals.

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Report: Financing the Post-2015 Development Agenda: Domestic Revenue Mobilization in Africa, by Aniket Bhushan (NSI), Yiagadeesen Samy and Kemi Medu, September 2013.

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Unpacking the Data Revolution at the Country Level: An Early Examination of Candidate Post-2015 Goals, Targets and Indicators

From MDGs to Post-2015: Global Development in a Changing World

What Next in Global Development? Roundtable Discussion with Dr. Homi Kharas


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