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Multilateral Development Cooperation in a Changing Global Order


Multilateral Development Cooperation in a Changing Global Order

Published: July 16, 2013

Given the current environment, there is a compelling need to undergo a broad-ranging analysis on the future of multilateral development cooperation. The time has come to critically examine the effectiveness of international development assistance channelled through multilateral organizations, emphasizing what works and what needs to change in the context of an evolving global order. This volume addresses the changing nature of the international aid system and the challenges it poses for the multilateral system, donors and aid recipients, centring on new regional and national relationships developing in the multilateral system, economic and social forces, and national and global policy making. It looks at the increasing complexity and incoherence of the aid architecture that is arising from these trends and examines persistent longstanding challenges at country level, including the need for more capacity development, country ownership, and better quality aid.

Edited byHany Besada (NSI) and Shannon Kindornay (NSI)

Published by: Palgrave Macmillan