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Extractives, Ethnic Peoples and Free, Prior and Informed Consent in Colombia

This brochure is on extractives, ethnic peoples and free, prior and informed consent in Colombia. Author: Viviane Weitzner Download PDF in Spanish

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South-South Policy Space Dimensions

Do South-South development impacts actually qualitatively differ from North-South impacts? If so, to what extent and in what manner? This NSI report argues that African countries would do well to not only consider threats from China’s current (static) comparative advantage, but to identify the dynamic opportunities found in China’s development wake. With much of China’s…

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Human Resources for Health Challenges in Fragile States: Evidence from Sierra Leone, South Sudan and Zimbabwe

This background report collects and analyzes data on human resources for health in three conflict-affected fragile states, Sierra Leone, South Sudan and Zimbabwe, and analyses them in a regional perspective. It identifies key training, capacity, and policy issues for improving health service delivery in these countries and makes suggestions for how policy could be improved….

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Photo - How to prevent the next crisis

How to Prevent the Next Crisis

This eBook brings together lessons from a range of emerging and advanced economy experiences of the crisis from a policy perspective. What factors explain Australia’s relative resilience to the crisis? How did Ireland go from a good example to a major warning in a few years? How are emerging economies like India and Malaysia faring,…

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Holdinge xtractives pub

Holding Extractive Companies to Account in Colombia: An evaluation of CSR instruments through the lens of Indigenous and Afro-Descendent Right

This study (available in English and Spanish) assesses Corporate Social Responsibility tools that companies and foreign governments are promoting to ensure good corporate behaviour in Colombia, to determine to what extent these instruments respect human rights – and ethnic rights in particular – in theory and in practice. It provides grounded recommendations to strengthen the…

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Making Security Sector Reform Work Pub

Making Security Sector Reform Work for Local Populations

Security sector reform has been criticized for excluding local populations and context. This policy brief, a part of NSI’s mySecurity project, identifies four areas where greater attention to the local is needed: local ownership, investing over the medium- to long-term, coordination among key stakeholders, and better understandings of what it means to be secure. Emphasizing…

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Police Reform Policy Brief Pub Cover

Police Reform in an Independent South Sudan

As South Sudan consolidates its  independence, this policy brief analyzes the challenges facing the South Sudan Police Service’s ongoing reform efforts. In particular, it highlights the challenges the SSPS faces to professionalize through education and training, address human rights abuses, increase its human and financial resources, and better incorporate a gender-sensitive approach to its structures…

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Sweetening the Deal Policy Brief Pub Cover

Sweetening the Deal: Adding Value to the New Deal for Fragile States through CSO Engagement

This policy brief outlines the ways that civil society organizations are currently involved in the International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding and the value that they could add to making the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States a success. Author: Jennifer Erin Salahub Download PDF

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Colombia synthesis pub

Colombia Synthesis Document: From Consultation to Consent

This document provides an overview of the context, key activities and results of a 30-month collaborative project between The North-South Institute (Canada), Proceso de Comunidades Negras (a national Colombian organization), and the Resguardo Indígena Cañamomo Lomaprieta (an Indigenous Reserve comprising 32 Embera Chamí communities in Caldas, Colombia) on ethnic rights and extractives in Colombia. Author:…

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Supporting poverty asia pub

Supporting Poverty Reduction in Asia 2012–2020: Opportunities and Challenges in CIDA’s Countries of Focus

This policy brief, which is based on North-South Institute research recently commissioned by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, reviews the main trends forecast for Asia to 2020. Particular emphasis is placed on the outlook for sustainable development in the countries of focus of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) in the region: Afghanistan,…

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