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Poverty and Policy Coherence – Bangladesh

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Poverty and Policy Coherence – Bangladesh

Published: November 5, 2001

This report is the second in a series of three country case-studies that were undertaken as part of The North-South Institute’s project on Poverty and Policy Coherence. The first study was on  Mali and the third, on Jamaica. A final Synthesis Report summarizes all findings.

The issue of policy coherence has become part of the international dialogue about development cooperation in recent years. Donors now realize that the effectiveness of their aid efforts can be seriously undermined by policies in the areas of trade, finance and immigration, to name but three. Conversely, trade and other policies that take into account developing countries’ needs can reinforce efforts being made by aid agencies to reduce poverty.

The aim of the three case-studies is to provide country specific illustrations of how Canadian aid and non-aid policies towards developing countries interact in practice. They also consider how Canadian policies interact with the poverty reduction policies of both the recipient country and other donor agencies operating in that country.

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