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Economic Impact of Canadian Mining in Latin America

Canadian mining investment is surging in Latin America, accounting for more than 60 per cent of total mining investment in the region in 2010 and for more than half of all Canadian mining investment worldwide. This project assesses both the host countries’ policies on the mining industry and the performance of Canadian mining companies regarding host countries’ policies.

The project includes the compilation of a database of Canadian mining companies in Latin America, which is populated with data on companies’ investments, jobs created, hiring of local contracting outfits, and taxes paid to host countries. The database is complemented by a comparative study of the legislation and policies of key Latin American countries hosting Canadian mining companies, with an emphasis on tax revenues and the legislative frameworks of local contractors. 

A series of country and mining company case studies have also been produced. These studies determine the benefits derived from Canadian mining activities in terms of employment, local business development, and tax revenues.


Policy Brief: Tax Regimes on Mining in Latin America, by Pablo Heidrich, October 2013.

Policy Brief: The Labour Impact of Canadian Mining in Latin America by Pablo Heidrich and Matt Blundell, April 2013.

Forum: CALACS Panel on Canadian Mining Investment

Canadian Mining in Latin America – Interactive Data and Analysis

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