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NSI Forum: Governing Natural Resources for Africa’s Development

On May 9th and 10th 2013, The North-South Institute held an international forum on Governing Natural Resources for Africa’s Development bringing together senior Canadian and African policymakers and government officials, extractive industry executives, global and African civil society groups, multilateral institutions, donor agencies, diplomats, think-tanks and academics.



Welcoming Remarks
Joseph K. Ingram, The North-South Institute

Opening Remarks
The Honourable Dean Allison, M.P., House of Commons, Parliament of Canada

The African State and Natural Resource Governance in the 21st Century  
The Honourable Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Federal Ministry of Finance in Abuja

Using Natural Resources for Broad-based Development: How can the OECD help?
Dr. Lahra Liberti, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Capacity Development for Natural Resource Management: The findings of the African Capacity Indicators 2013 
Dr. Kobena Hanson, African Capacity Building Foundation

The Resource Governance Index: A measure of Transparency in Oil, Gas and Mining
Mr. Matthew Genasci, Revenue Watch Institute

Public Diplomacy for Developmental States: Implementing the African Mining Vision
Dr. Timothy Shaw, University of Massachusetts

Harnessing Natural Resources for Economic Development
Dr José Antonio Ocampo, Columbia University

The Africa Mining Vision (AMV) as a Model for Natural Resource Governance in Africa
Mr. Antonio M.A. Pedro, UNECA

The Natural Resource Charter in Africa: A tool for national strategy and evaluation
Mr. Jim Cust, Natural Resource Charter

Extractive Sector Governance and Resource Revenue Transparency in Africa
Dr. Peter Eigen, Transparency International

Extractive Sector Regulations in Africa: Old Practices and New Models for Change
Mr. Chris W.J. Roberts, African Access Consulting

Putting People First: Community Engagement and Social Responsibility in the Extractive Sector
Mr. Douglas Horswill, Teck Resources Limited

CSR, Host Communities and Extractive Companies in Africa: Issues and Constraints
Mr. Lalith Gunaratne, Sage Ontario for Mindful Leadership

FPIC, the UN Human Rights Framework and Extractive Sector Governance
Mr. Errol P. Mendes, University of Ottawa

China’s Investments in Africa’s Natural Resources: A Liberian Perspective
The Honourable Sam G. Russ, Government of Liberia

Emerging Powers and the Changing Landscape of Natural Resource Governance in Africa
Dr. Jakkie Cilliers, The Institute for Security Studies

Emerging countries and Africa’s Natural Resources: Avoiding the ‘resource curse’ and building more resilient societies
Dr. Fantu Cheru, American University

Mining and Sustainable Development in Africa: A Canadian Perspective
Mr. Patrick Chevalier, Natural Resources Canada

Extractive Sectors Governance and Development: What Role for Canada?
Dr. Philippe Le Billon, UBC

Governance for Sustainability: An approach
Mr. Louis Guay, Saint Paul University and Mr. André Bourassa, SOPAR

The Continental Land Rush: Canada’s Role in Advancing the Land Rights of Africa
Mr. Bruce Moore, Institute for Active Citizenship

Land and Financialization: Role of International Financial Actors in Land Deals in Africa
Dr. Jennifer Clapp, University of Waterloo

Chair, Closing Session
Dr. Huguette Labelle
, Transparency International

Keynote Speaker: Closing Session
Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin
, The World Bank

Closing Remarks
The Honourable Lois Brown, M.P., House of Commons, Parliament of Canada


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NSI President’s Interview on Natural Resource Governance, Radio Canada International, May 7th, 2013.


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