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Annual Report 2004

The annual report for the year 2004. Download PDF

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Canadian Development Report 2004

Investing in poor countries: Who Benefits? In this seventh edition of the Canadian Development Report, international experts explore the impact of Private foreign investment on the poorest developing countries. This volume explains why private foreign investment and its relationship to other forms of financing for development (aid, foreign debt, domestic savings) has been the focus…

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Land & Development in Latin America: Openings for Policy Research

Is Latin America moving towards a new generation of pro-poor land reforms? What are the real openings and constraints with regard to such policies — at the local, national and international levels? What role is research playing and what role might it play, in tracking efforts and illuminating policy options? These are the questions driving…

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Debt Sustainability Framework for Low Income Countries: Policy and Resource Implications

This paper was submitted to the G-24 Technical Group Meeting with regards to the Debt Sustainability Framework. Download PDF

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We the people pub

We the Peoples 2004

This report is a call to action for the UN Millenium Decleration. Download report in Arabic in Spanish  

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Reforming the Global Financial Architecture: The Potential of Regional Institutions

Regional financial organizations, including those without any industrial-country members, are likely to play a growing role in preventing or mitigating crises and in attracting long-term capital for development. Organizations comprising, or dominated by, emerging market countries will be the most successful because of their economic strength, readier access to markets, and bargaining power in the…

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