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Canadian Development Report 2003


Canadian Development Report 2003

Published: November 20, 2003

From Doha to Cancun: Development and the WTO

Can trade really benefit all?

The sixth edition of the Canadian Development Report (CDR) looks at multilateral trade arrangements from both the perspectives of the North and the South. It highlights relevant development issues such as those regarding market access and the WTO Intellectual Property Agreement (TRIPS) raised at the November 2001 WTO meeting in Doha, Qatar.

The CDR 2003 features two essays which encourage readers to reflect on both sides of the coin. In “The Doha Development Agenda – The Road Ahead”, contributor Pradeep S. Mehta (Secretary General, Consumer Unity & Trust Society) provides the perspective of the South, by examining the Doha Development Agenda, analyzing its key issues and assessing the major gains and losses for developing countries. An account of the concerns of these countries regarding the multilateral trading system is included as well as relevant policy recommendations.

Chantal Blouin (Researcher on Trade and Development, The North-South Institute) and Ann Weston (Vice-President and Research Coordinator, The North-South Institute) provide a perspective from the North, looking at Canada’s involvement in trade arrangements with developing countries as well as focusing on the importance of investment. The Canadian position on the issues of Trade-Related Technical Assistance and the impact of TRIPS on access to medicine for poor patients in developing countries is also examined, raising the question of where the nation should stand on these issues at the WTO.

In addition, the 2003 CDR includes up-to-date statistics and analysis related to social and economic indicators of developing countries along with statistics regarding the Canadian government’s trade-related involvement with developing countries.

The CDR 2003 is a valuable reference tool for students, analysts and policy-makers with interests in development and especially the pertinent issue of trade.

The edition is available in both English and French.
ISBN 1-896770-60-6 (Also available in French, Rapport canadien sur le développement 2003 – ISBN 1-896770-61-4)

The Chapters of the CDR 2003 are available for viewing (PDF): [Table of Contents], [1], [2], [3], [Statistics 2003]