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Canadian Development Report 2011 – Global Challenges: Multilateral Solutions


Canadian Development Report 2011 – Global Challenges: Multilateral Solutions

Published: November 20, 2011

The 2011 Canadian Development Report, examines the ability of the multilateral development system to address global challenges as world economic power shifts. From the BRICS to the private sector, new actors are (re-)emerging, presenting both new challenges and opportunities for multilateral development cooperation.

Indeed, ongoing financial and food crises, resource scarcity and climate change are global problems that demand global as well as local solutions. Yet the international aid architecture is criticized for overlapping and incoherent initiatives just as pressure continues to mount on development agencies to achieve greater effectiveness, transparency and results.

Drawing on NSI’s June 2011 Forum, Multilateral Development Cooperation in a Changing Global Order, the CDR broaches the future of development cooperation by offering analyses of the evolving aid landscape, proposing alternative models for development cooperation and recommending reforms to the current system.

ISBN-10 1-897358-10-5 and ISBN 13-978-1-897358-10-8 (Also available in French, Rapport canadien sur le developpement 2011 – ISBN-10 1-897358-11-3 and ISBN-13 978-1-897358-11-5)

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